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Western Apocalypticism. On the Genealogy of the End in European Culture

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Christian Zolles

Die symbolische Macht der Apokalypse. Eine kritisch-materialistische Kulturgeschichte politischer Endzeit (Cultural History of Apocalyptic Thought 2, Berlin: de Gruyter/Akademie 2016)


This three-year-project (2009–2012) was part of the scholarship program of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (DOC-team) and was financed by the Federal Ministry for Science and Research. It enabled five doctoral students to carry out their dissertation project by cooperating on a research project across discipline boundaries. A closer project description can be found here. 

Directly involved institutions: Department of CommunicationDepartment of German Studies; Department of History (all together at the University of Vienna); Institute for Medieval Research (of the Austrian Academy of Sciences).

Other institutional affiliations: Centre for Literary and Cultural Research, BerlinCentre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, University of Glasgow; Faculty of Art and Design, Bauhaus-University WeimarFaculty of Medieval and Modern Languages, University of OxfordFriedrich-Meinecke-Institute, Division History of Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages, FU BerlinInstitute for Bavarian History, LMU MunichInstitute for Human Sciences, Vienna.

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